my slow days

by asha-nao
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New Year's visit to a shrine

Today I went to the Shibamata Taishakuten which is famous as stage of the one movie.

I goes to visit here with my family, friends and boyfriend every year.

Not only the stall but also the dumpling shop(very famous!!),
the rice cracker shop, the Japanese oden shops,
the old toy shops, and the souvenir shops,etc..
They line up in the approach to a shrine, and it is very interesting.

It is possible to catch a glimpse of unusual life in the urban city.
Here is already Asia.
The Edogawa river flows calmly just beside here.

a true reason why I visit here every year :・・・ It is a certain noodle shop.
My favorite is the pan grilling noodle.
Of course, it is delicious.

There are various city in Tokyo.
Tokyo is very smali but ......interesting!!
I want those old city to remain for a long time.
by asha-nao | 2006-01-04 23:48